Shree Gopinathji Maharaj's 182 patotsav 2011

our Sampraday knows that Gadhpur was very dear to our Sarvopary Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan. The temple in Gadhpur was built at the loving request of Ebhal khachar Parivar. The temple was constructed under the supervision of Shreeji Maharaj and in his absence, Viraktanand Swami. In Vikram Samvat 1885 ASO sud 12, Shreeji Maharaj himself installed the idols of Shree Gopinathjidev and Shree Radhikaji in the Central Chamber, the idols of his father Shree Dharmadev, mother Shree Bhaktidevi & Shree Vasudev (himself in balswarup) in the Western Chamber, and the idol of Shree Suryanarayandev in the Eastern Chamber.

On the 182 Anniversary of Gadhpur Mandir, our H.H. P.P. Bhavi Acharya, 108 Shree Nrugendraprasadji Maharaj, will be at Gadhpur for the Patotsav Celebration. Even if we cannot physically be there for this auspicious occasion, we will be getting his holy blessing during the Website which will be on the same day of the 182 Gopinathji Dev Mandir - Gadhada (Gadhpur) Patotsav.

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